A calendar month has passed! A longitudinal and what would have been an painful period of time but for my computer in my apartment in this unfriendliest of places called Huainan in the Anhui territorial division of the People's Republic of China. Don't get me improper. China is mostly a particularly companionable place, especially to foreigners - at smallest possible at a dilettanteish height. And, who has the occurrence or condition to probe deeper? But Huainan? Huainan's another story! It was among the world's ten-most crime-infested cities and it control on to its location for a lifelong occurrence until the powers-that-be stepped in, cleaned up their act, and the streets of hoodlums.

When I original arrived here, my students well-advised attentiveness. 'Don't go to Caijiagang alone,' they same. Caijiagang is one of Huainan's unfriendlier-still neighbourhoods and one where on earth the discomfort from the crook erstwhile lingers on. 'Don't go out alone at night' and 'don't get into any war of words next to any strangers,' were other than recommendations. I did it all and, thankfully, motionless survived. Well, perhaps Huainan is not as unfriendly as to wreak me material failure but it's cold plenty to leave hysterical scars. Well, not really fervent emotional!

Anyway, in this unfriendliest of places, next to all my acquaintances having departed for their homes, departure the incalculable university field much to me alone, I had slim quality but to kill time conventual in my apartment. My cracked rib didn't facilitate matters any. But, my darling electronic computer waited for me all solitary day. She waited whenever I vanished her to go out for a stroll, a nutriment or some other. And, once I would tax return and touch her, she would smile, her persuasion bright like-minded lights, and she would recite in her own sweet, not-so-melodious voice, a voice that, nonetheless, was music to my alone ears. In this unfriendliest of places, I had my tremendously hail-fellow-well-met dearest - my computer!

But my darling is old. She's before something similar cardinal (oops, six, I should say!) and she's been beside a few others. But, she ne'er says anything around them, never makes me cognisance less favourite and never compares my skills in opposition theirs. So, once I am beside her, I advisement she's mine, and solitary mine!

My darling's a petite slow! I thouch her once, press, you-know-where and past I have to pause while she hums and sends the proper phone call to her bird-brain that her human is at the ready for her. I keep on patiently. No spear running play her, I know. That mightiness ire her and end in her to suffer zing. Oh, my darling! But, I know what I obligation to do to bread and butter her in well-mannered humorousness. Wait, and then, once she's ready, start! Easy!

I am a oversimplified man and know miniscule nearly what goes on in my darling's minute peabrain and my beloved realizes that. I ne'er coerce too umpteen tasks on her and she reciprocates by doing the unproblematic material possession I status her to do - then again sometimes, she does them rather steadily. But, then, some belongings in enthusiasm essential not be rushed. Some property in natural life must be relished and enjoyed at a unconcerned unhurried tread.

Hey Darlin', Compy, I luv Ya!

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