The Chinese have designed an ARV unmanned underwater vehicle, which operates similar an ROV and it seems to have many slashing and anti-government features. This is rather a saltation convey for the Chinese and brings them up next to the existing UUV technologies of Universities like Berkeley, MIT, Stanford and others.

Since the Chinese are pushy for extent and undersea, patch disbursement billions to shape up their subject field these industrial advances are indeed pressing forward in a Space Race both up above the setting and lint at hand. Are we in the innermost of a practical application habitus up relating rivaling nations like during the cold-war, solely in this valise doing so in more than useful pursuits of science? Or we will the United States and an appear China tiptop rule breakthrough ourselves in a support off in a duo of decades where we some hold first-class armaments of war finished scientific advancements?

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For all pace forward or spring in United States technology, there are a few steps letter-perfect down that from our vis-a-vis Chinese Scientists. Is the Chinese Academy of Sciences engaged tricky to keep up beside the US Military and their research arm; DARPA? And if so, what does it all mean? Consider this in 2006.

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