For those of you who know me I have been fast or as I give the name it on a life style shift since my day of remembrance this bygone Jan. When I started the Beaumont diet of all shakes, I set a goal for myself. I looked-for to mislay 100 pounds by my next centenary. I required to make available myself a period of time. I ne'er stopped this long-lasting scuffle of chubbiness that I have I kept conflict and war.

I cant lie as I have slipped present and within but I would ever drawback myself. It's been in the region of 4 months since I past weighed in.


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We'll not to knock Beaumont because hey the system of rules does pursue. But it's just too expensive. I hatred the information that guarantee companies don't activity pick up any of the tab on portliness. Now acknowledged this is not all genes and all that. I contributed to my weight. But at this ingredient in instance in my beingness I have now learned how to eat. This is something that I have ne'er been able to do in the past. I cognise when to quit, I cognise when I have had plenty. It feels terrific to be able to say that. I've truly had whatsoever will last word too, My will to get fit and be here for interminable time, to get mated and have kids and be here for my better half and house. Those holding anticipate a lot to me. I'm on the apt catwalk.

The chief aim for this mail present is to let you all cognize that I went and weighed myself in nowadays. Not at Beaumont, but I started up at Weight Watchers with my Girlfriend Amy and she has been in the system of rules and it has worked for her. I will move to do my shakes but I'm also now able to learn some provisions in my diet as I have been doing so all in place. OK I know, so where does that move me? What did the mount say? It's been cardinal months what has happened.

Well when I end weighed myself nearly 4 months ago I had chronicle aprox. 70 pounds. And I'm Very Very Very puffed-up to chitchat to all of you that when I weighed in this antemeridian I have PASSED MY GOAL! Since Jan 23rd 2007 I have misplaced a complete of 103 pounds... I before i finish did thing right, I nonmoving have 3 months to go. I had no mental object. I normal I could convey that I had missing weight. I bought a few new shirts and went thrown a few sizes, I had to buy all new undergarment for myself. I'm so conceited of myself correct now.

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I have set other cognitive content. If I can do what I did simply past I can dare myself to other 100 pounds in a period. Watch out y'all rationale I got a new stride.

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